TOM HARRISON / VANCOUVER PROVINCE says, "All of Tommy's songs are uncontrived; their sincerity believable. They're what sets him apart.” 

Tommy West

“All of Tommy’s songs are uncontrived; their sincerity believable. They’re what sets him apart.” said Tom Harrison, Vancouver Province music columnist who wrote a review of Tommy West on January 29, 2017.

Country Artist, Tommy West, was on an adventure down in the Caribbean.

When he isn't out sailing, you can usually find him with friends playing music on the beach.

He recently found paradise......'Cowboy in Cuba'....... New Single Coming Out Soon!

Tommy West released ‘Perfect Holiday’ as his 2nd single to Country Radio on May 29, 2017. Less than a year ago Tommy committed to a music career and is moving forward, "Tommy West is thinking big and moving fast." said Tom Harrison from The Vancouver Province. An EP will be released within 2018.

Tommy’s first song ‘Test of Time' hit #3 Most Active Indies by DMDS for 2 weeks in a row, just after release on January 30, 2017.

Tommy West was recently named as Canada's Up and Comer by Sun Country 99.7FM Country Radio Station, and as Emerging Artist by Cal Gratton, 105 CJVR - Today's Best Country and XM 105, Melfort, Sask. on Canadian Coast 2 Coast radio program. Tommy West was also a Featured Artist on Country 89, Welland, Ontario on February 28, 2017.

Over the years, Tommy West, member of the CCMA, singer/songwriter, has built a musical career entertaining audiences throughout western Canada. Tommy’s country music style infuses lively dance songs with soulful ballads. His fun and upbeat rhythms inspire along with his charismatic performances are known to ‘liven up’ a crowd and promise an entertaining experience for all music lovers.

Tommy’s sound mixes Garth Books, Zac Brown, Darius Rucker and with just the right touch of Jimmy Buffet. He has recently been busy in the studio working with Tom McKillip, “one of the most sought after and talented producer/musicians on the Canadian Country Music scene.” (Merritt Herald). McKillip is probably best known as musical director for the B.C. Country Music Awards (BCCMA) and the Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMA)

My music is one of the biggest things about who I am," says Tommy. "The stories within the songs reflect my attitude about growing up on the west coast.  ‘Perfect Holiday’ is reflective of Tommy’s lifestyle and deep values of family, friends and fun !

Tommy has played numerous corporate conventions, private events, and notable fundraisers including the B.C. Children’s Hospital. In November 2016, Tommy was asked by Jeff Johnson, 2016 BCCMA Producer of the Year, to participate in the ‘Follow Your Heart’ recording, the official theme song for the Variety Children’s Charity, to be aired on Global TV.  ‘Follow Your Heart’, the new theme song for Variety Children’s Charity, features notable country stars such as George Canyon, Rod Black, Todd Richard, Becca Hess and more and in 2017 it hit  Top 5 most downloaded song on Country Radio by Yangaroo DMDS.